Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Chicken

Two different faces, when seen from two views.
Taken from the Science Centre.

Sometimes, I try not to mention anything about work but heck.

I know people cannot accept critisms and don't want to hear anything negative about our public healthcare service but that is the truth.

It was all about chicken pox.

A poor girl had chicken pox. She was seen by a 'senior' MO in OPD and was admitted to the medical ward as her platelet count was 'lowish', i.e. 168. She was kept for two days and was presumed seen by the physician. She was discharged with "T. Acyclovir 400mg QID".

A referral was made to the skin specialist the next day after discharge.

By right, chicken pox is just a common and self-limited infectious disease but she was given the "run around" by the people who had spent 5 years in the med schools and yet practiced sub-standard medical practices.

I am more convinced now that our healthcare system is fulled of less inteligent people with peanut brains.

Poor girl, she couldn't even complain.

The last thing I asked whether she was given MC.

She said, no, because when she requested it upon discharge from ward, she was told by the nurse, "No more doctors in the ward".

It was only 5pm++.


A Member of Ex-USMCK Group said...

i am surprised to hear from deputy DG recently that our country is producing 2k doctors per how to have quality when the quantity are huge.

Anonymous said...

everybody at the top, liow and ismail included, thinks everything's the public continue to suffer. any complaint will be very quickly "investigated" and some reasons and excuses given. semua ok!!

LuKong said...

They always investigate, investigate, investigate but fail to come up with any solution... Sigh!

Anonymous said...

I notice that u like to blame nurses in most of your writings.Nurses dont give MC.It's given by the doctors.Why expect nurses to remind doctors all the time?????