Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Here is another place where one can get steamboat buffet. It is called The Ark and is located in Tmn Molek.

I was there before few months back, discovered through a local food guide book. However, we didn't try out because at that time, there were only a few customers, and we thought it might not taste good, judging from the crowd.
RM18.90 per person.

Nevertheless recently, I brought a friend there because it was the only place with halal steamboat buffet.

There weren't many choices but the setting and environment were calm. At that time, there were only three tables occupied. So, one can guess the quality of food that was served. The setback, there was no free flow of carbonated drinks and ice-cream, as compared to the one in Tebrau.
The positive point was, they have Mantis prawn here.

One thing I learned though, the prawn only tasted good when grilled. When cooked in the boiling pot, all the flesh will dissolved.

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Adrianne Yap said...

it is the place u brought us last time???