Saturday, May 02, 2009

JB Best2

Celine came down for a holiday and was asking for something special in JB that one won't find it anywhere else.

So, this bakery shop immediately came to mind.

It has been featured in many food magazines and the Star as well as NST.

We were there today at 12pm and the first batch has not been ready. The shop opened earlier, but they took time to heat up the big stove.

It so happened that a caucasion guy was conducting an interview with the owner and was snapping pictures, probably going to be published.

So, I also took the opportunity to 'steal-snapped' some pictures.
The gigantic charcoal oven.

We were first in-line and waited for near half an hour but the effort was worth when we tasted this wonderful chacoal-bake bun.
Peanut bun, 4 for RM2.00

One thing about this bun, it has to be eaten immediately when removed from the oven and while it is still hot.

Damn, it was so tender.
Coconut bun, 5 for RM2.50

Well, try google search the name and see how many result one sees.

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