Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We actually ended up in this place by accident.

We missed the left turning to Piai and ended up at the end of the road to a place, which is haven for seafood lovers.

Kukup is actually a Chinese fishing village.

There are many seafood restaurents over here, and of course mainly Chinese. Many came in big families and were seen having some big feasts on the table with all kind of exotic seafood, making a scene reminded me of Bukit Tambun.

The jetty over here is also the boat terminal for Indonesians travel to and fro from Pulau Kerimon. We were told the boat ride cost about RM90. An immigration office is also located here to facilitate visitors.
Opposite this end is a small island made entirely of mangrove swamp and jungle, took us less than a 5 mintues boat ride costing RM5.

Entry to this national park cost another RM5. Someone advised us against going there as there would not be much thing to see other than 'trees'.
Nevertheless, since we were already there, why not just spend another 'once in a life time'?
Justify FullI was told there could be snakes around, but I was disappointed to just see small crabs and sea shells.
Well, there was just another fun of walking past this hanging bridge just for the feel of it, nothing so great about it, but heck, I was here for once.
The boat ride actually included trip to some fish farms located between the mainland and the island. We were shown some of the fishes rear in captivity like giant Garoupa, shark and some interesting 'spitting' fish (unsure of name).

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