Monday, May 18, 2009

Pasar Malam

It is never my principle of asking favour from unrelated people, even more so from pharmaceutical companies.

Nevertheless, I am going to embark on a short-term clinical study involving some common drug. Since this is a self-funded one, I have written in to a company to inquire about the possibility of sponsorship for the drug.
I was a bit dismayed as the company was not keen to sponsor the said drug, with the reasons, it was not their major product and it has since available in generic.

Can't really blame them because we are not using their product in our daily clinical practice anyway.

But then, it is beyond our control, because the physicians don't control the drugs.

By right, that should not bother me very much as I can be assure of getting the generic ones.

However, since I am conducting a clinical study, I must as well use an original drug.

By the way, I just found out that eight of our patients are using their biological products costing a near RM60 K a year per patient.

I am dissapointed because the drug that I requested is nothing compare to the cost of those biologics.

Looked like, they are not interested because it does not benefit them commercially in any other way.

Perhaps, we shall also stop buying other drugs from them since there are other major players in the market.
3 more pasar malam to go

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